Managing and ensuring your payroll systems are accurate and compliant can be a major headache for many business owners. Making sure you have things like holidays, PAYE and new payday filing requirements sorted can be stressful and time consuming when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Now you can ask our payroll specialist, Anita, to manage the processing of your payroll through Smartly. Once timesheets are processed, Smartly will process the Pay Run, PAYE, payslips, IRD payments and more. And Anita is here to ensure everything is completed on time and accurately plus provide any extra reporting or guidance you may need.

Smartly is a New Zealand owned and operated online service developed in 2004 to simplify payroll systems. Suitable for any size business, the payroll plans start from just $30 per month (GST excl) with a small fee per employee per pay run.

Working with Anita, you can either email her your timesheets each week for processing, or you can set your staff up to use the Smartly app for entering their timesheets as they go. You can also access and manage this remotely too.

The Smartly app makes the whole “job” of payroll so much quicker including:

  1. Employees can log their hours directly into the app
  2. Any leave or special payments are captured too
  3. Hours and leave approved by their manager
  4. Payroll specialist runs a pay
  5. Payments are automatically made directly to employees, IRD, Kiwisaver & more

For our clients on Xero, we can set up basic integration for visibility into business performance and productivity. Smartly is secure and ISO27001 certified.

Please contact your KGA accountant or Anita at KGA Accounting Plus 09 425 8536 to discuss your payroll processing requirements.