Certainty, Transparency and Communication

At KGA Chartered Accountants, we prioritise certainty. This is why we quote for every job and you will be invoiced for the quoted amount. If we need to increase the scope of our work, we will always communicate with you, quote for the extra work, and make sure you understand the reasons for any changes. As Chartered Accountants, we appreciate just how important an open and honest relationship is with our clients, and price transparency is a key part of this. 

Payment terms

We’re business coaches, and we walk the talk. We believe in a fair price – for you and your clients, for us and our clients. We also understand that cashflow is the oxygen to any business, and we encourage our clients to prioritise this. With this in mind, we have the following payments options:

1. Full payment in advance to receive a 5% discount;
2. A 50% deposit in advance of the work being started, and a 50% payment upon completion;
3. Monthly payments by direct debit.

    *Please note that if you are an existing client who would prefer to continue with the payment arrangement already in place, please let us know and we will continue with those arrangements.

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    We value open communication and building relationships with our clients. So, whatever you need, we’ll endeavour to help. Call KGA Chartered Accountants in Warkworth today to discuss your accounting and business advisory needs.