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Xero is almost limitless

It’s accounting software that’s simple, smart, and occasionally almost magical. At KGA, we are sold on using Xero Cloud-Based Accounting software. With our Xero training, you too can login anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet, iPhone, or Android. 

xero training

Xero Tips

Know your numbers, know your business

As Xero Certified advisors, we can help you set up Xero correctly from the outset and provide initial training, including selecting the correct chart of accounts for your business. 

When Xero is set up correctly, it can provide you with valuable information about how your business is doing, which is really important for decision-making. It can also provide comprehensive business reporting to make things even clearer.

Once you’ve conquered Xero

In addition to Xero, we also provide a range of other business and accounting services, including help with the IRD, tax, trusts, estates, business planning and farm accounting.

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Give us a call at 09 425 8536 for a free consultation. We’re the proven accountants that Warkworth small businesses, companies, and individuals call when they want Xero advice.

We look beyond the numbers and combine strategic business advice with comprehensible Xero training.
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