Syft Analytics prize was this delicious box of goodies.

Earlier this month the New Zealand Xero Awards 2021 was held as an online, livestream event. Winners of the NZ App Partner of the Year Award was Syft Analytics, a valuable reporting platform and tool we have been using since 2018.

Syft Analytics is financial reporting and data analytics software that helps businesses understand financial data. The Syft App was made available through the Xero App Store in 2018, allowing seamless integration and reporting on any device.

As their first ever NZ user, the KGA Accounting Plus team were invited to represent Syft Analytics at the Xero Awards event.  However, when this changed to an online-only ceremony Xero then sent the prize to us which we are all now enjoying here.

Thanks Syft Analytics, and congratulations on the big win at the Xero NZ Awards this year!


More about Syft Analytics…


Reporting valuable information to clients

One of the problems that we face as accountants is finding a way to make the numbers translate into understandable language.  With Syft Analytics we can now empower clients with an understanding of their data through clear visualizations and simple reports.

“It’s very automated. You can really get information into it very quickly and report quite valuable information for clients.” – Matt Vosloo (CA), Associate

Turning annual checkups into proactive monthly reporting

Syft also enables us to offer clients monthly reports so that they can stay up to date with their financials for a small extra fee. Rather than coming in once a year, these clients now meet with their advisors once a month to make sure they are staying on track, which allows us to nip any issues in the bud.

Inspiring a proactive approach with financial health

We especially love the Syft Financial Health Report which goes out with every set of financials to show clients how they’ve performed with their KPIs. It’s very helpful to look at current financials, to solve problems in the month they occurred rather than at the end of the year – to be proactive instead of reactive.