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One of the important topics we will be covering in our August Planning for Success Seminars, in Warkworth and Whangarei, is around Business Continuity Planning. Many of our business owners were forced into making last minute business continuity plans last year which is why we want more people to realise the value and importance of this tool for keeping your business running smoothly, through any eventuality.


Finding Your Planning Sweet Spot

Many businesses don’t plan at all, while others get stuck in over-planning mode for too long. Ideally you will sit someone in the middle of this spectrum as neither extreme really works.

You should keep your plan simple enough for everybody to understand and remember but detailed enough to cover all risks and steps necessary to keep your business sustainability = continuity.

Red flags that indicate you may be getting bogged down:

  • You think you don’t know the right words to describe your vision and goals

  • You don’t know where to start or how to complete a good plan

  • You’re too busy doing to be planning

  • You don’t think you’ve got the right team to support your planning process

What is Continuity Planning?

Continuity and contingency planning is about being prepared for all types of disruptions, eg an earthquake, broken equipment or losing a supplier — and quickly getting back on your feet.

A business continuity plan (BCP) pinpoints the most important parts of your business, identifies potential risks to these critical pieces and prepares you to recover as quick and easy as possible. Contingency planning is a crucial part of continuity planning — it means having a backup if your original plan no longer works. It’s your plan B.

Your BCP shouldn’t be limited to what to do after a natural disaster. It should cover any risks or threats that could disrupt your most important business activities.

How to Write Your Continuity Plan

Business.govt.nz provides a very useful step-by-step guide here which outlines 10 areas for detailing your Business Continuity Plan.

You can also join our upcoming Planning for Success Workshop in August (more details here) where we will be covering Business Continuity Planning.

Planning for Success is a quarterly group workshop focused on delivering you exceptional business advice in a fun, engaging environment. These sessions are the ideal way to take a step out of the day-to-day and get some clear direction on achieving long term success – whatever this looks like for you.



  • Develop a Business Continuity plan to thrive post Covid-19.

  • Identify the Top 5 things you need to do in the next 90 days to get the best results for your business.

  • Create a specific, step-by-step action list on how to achieve these goals.

  • Set a timeline for achieving your goals each quarter.

  • Create a planning system to share with your team to ensure everyone is working together to achieve this lift in productivity.


We will be hosting two Planning for Success Workshops in August:


Whangarei Workshop

Thursday, 5th August

8:30am – Midday

The Orchard Business & Event Hub


Warkworth Workshop

Thursday 19th August

8:30am – Midday

KGA Accounting Plus Boardroom