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Most successful small and medium-sized businesses treat their staff like family – in a good way. There’s something to be said for a family-based approach even if some may question this informal approach to work relationships.

Here’s why making your work team like family can be good for business.

1. Work Satisfaction = Better Productivity

People who are friends with their work colleagues are seven times more likely to be fully engaged in their work, according to Gallup research. Your staff spends an average of 40 hours on the job each week and sees their colleagues more than their own family. When we have great relationships at work, we not only enjoy our work, but we are also more productive and the quality of our work remains high too. 

2. Great Culture = Talent Attraction

Talented people often take lower-paying jobs if it means working in a nice environment. Small and medium-sized businesses can’t always compete with big corporations when it comes to salaries; to attract the best, your culture needs to be the best.

3. Fewer Staff Losses = Lower Staff Costs

Every time an employee leaves, you lose money. Think about training new employees, delays, lost productivity, etc. People who are happy at work are less likely to leave. 

How to Create a Family-Based Culture

Every family is different, and of course, not every type of family culture would work in a business. An absent parent (or boss) whose only form of communication is shouting when something’s not going according to plan is not exactly a great recipe for success. 

So, which traits would create a great family culture at work?

Clear Communication

If your team believes they’re in the know, they will feel valued and be willing to go the extra mile for you. If the business is going through a tough time – very common now thanks to the pandemic – there’s no reason to try and hide it. News Flash: they already know when things aren’t going too great. You don’t need to share every little detail, but if you take them into your confidence, they’ll do everything they can to help you, the company, and the rest of the team through hard times.

Invest in Growth

When we invest in the personal and professional development of the team, we see them make increasingly better contributions to the success of the business. The more you invest in them, the more they’ll come up with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Quality Time for Quality People

Everybody needs a break away from the job – either as a team-building exercise, a social get-together or a few days off. Make time to get to know your team and for them to get to know each other too, outside the work environment – either as a facilitated event or just a casual break away as a team.

People who like each other are more likely to help each other out, and that can only be good for you and your business.

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·         Organisational Review Session – Build a functional organisational chart which defines departments, key functions, roles and responsibilities.

·         Core Values Development Session – Core Values are the essence of a company’s identity; they shape the vision and culture of your business.