Changing to KGA was definitely one of the best things we have achieved in 2017... We really believed that we were sinking and KGA helped us to turn everything around... We really appreciate the effort that is made on our behalf.

Rose Reid, TM Reid Electrical

KGA Warkworth Limited handle all of our tax obligations, and several years ago recommended an accounting software package to us which has worked out well... We have always found the staff at KGA very approachable and capable, and any questions we have they are able to answer straight away or get back to us pretty smartly.  

Ann & Sue, Farming Partnership

We have always found the staff at KGA very approachable and capable

When my husband got sick in 2010, I was thrown in the deep end with our business and personal accounts.

I cannot thank Alison at KGA enough for her help, understanding, compassion and professionalism during that time and after he died. With her help, the GST and Tax were taken care of, and not once did she make me feel incompetent.   

KGA as a whole advised me on the most cost-effective way to sell and close the company, and I was very grateful for their help and advice during what was a very difficult time.

Dale Barnett